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Ranks and Emblem Rewards
« on: November 29, 2012, 12:16:05 pm »
Since I have full ownership to APACH3, I decided it be best if I rewarded the members for being apart of us. Now, I know what I am doing as an initial reward isnt much, but it is a start. As rewards, I have decided to give out emblems according to your rank. Once you aquire this rank in the clan, you will then be allowed to use any rank symbol you have earned in your photo without getting warnings and demerits. (Failure to comply to this rule will cause a day of banment from the site each instance. I will constantly be checking to make sure you are following. This rule shall be added to the rulebook here: ) Think of this as sort of a set of "APACH3 Prestige Emblems." You automatically start out with a rookie emblem upon joining APACH3 and passing initiation tryouts. Here is the list of ranks as well as a description of each emblem and how to obtain each:

Rookie-- Color: Blue-- Pass tryouts and become a member of APACH3.

Full Member-- Color: Green-- Pass the ritual initiation (Not required for anything but to obtain a higher rank than just passing tryouts.)

Dedicated Member-- Color: Red-- Remain in APACH3 for 3 weeks after passing initiation.

Officer-- Color: Bronze-- Become an Officer

Team APACH3 Competitive Gamer-- Color: Metallic Silver-- Accept a spot on the Competitive Gaming Team after being asked.

Player-- Color: Metallic Gold-- Play in an approved tournament by the team Manager

I will add a second list of rewards once I can come up with good awards for each rank. (Of course, Rookie shall be the honor of being in the APACH3 clan.) Comment if you have any questions or concerns. I will annouce this topic to all members once it is posted. Be sure to keep watch for any and all announcements.
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I am a member of Team APACH3 but have not earned my Gold Emblem just yet. This will change soon.

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