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« on: November 16, 2012, 05:49:36 pm »
APACH3 N3W5W33K is always looking to hire talented writers for their weekly newsletter. All you need to apply is:
A. A good sense of time management. You need to be able to keep deadlines.
B. Good thought process. Can you think every topic through and keep your article organized?
C. Good storytelling skills. Can you keep the reader interested?
D. Good interview skills. You need to be able to conduct a thorough and well thought out interview.
E. Good creativity. You have to be able to help provide the newsletter staff with new ideas for topics, articles, etc.

If you have ANY of these skills (excluding having E alone), please apply in a private message to The Grim Reaper. Just list out your skillset and give an example of a good article from any of the following topics:
-The Economy (in the APACH3 forum)

I will reply to you if you get the job. Sidenote: Please try and get many more people into the positions on here as well. We need at least 5 people besides myself to keep this paper running.

--The Grim Reaper
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