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Welcome to Team APACH3
« on: November 12, 2012, 08:23:49 am »
First off, I would like to say welcome to all the newcomers to APACH3. It is awesome to have you all. Check out our rules of the forum here:
Be sure to check out tryouts here:
I would love for everyone who joins this site to join APACH3, but it is not A requirement. Remember: This is an open-clan forum, so any clan can have their own discussion and can have their own recruitment line.

Once again, thank you for joining and enjoy your stay!
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I am the true The Grim Reaper. ANYONE that has a problem with that... *Chuckles* Well, you can tell them I'm waiting to prove I am right.

I am a member of Team APACH3 but have not earned my Gold Emblem just yet. This will change soon.

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